When God humped Satan!!

Apr 26, 2008

Tag Dhina Dhin AGAIN!!

My first attempt at tagging was a complete disaster for sure for sure!! I was tagged by Necropolis at that time. This time its Karthik. It still beats me why you have to play this tag thingy!! Anyway, Hope I fare better this time around!!

5 things you wish you could say to people

1) You look sooo fuckable tonight(even if it's the day)
2) I hate the very sight of you!!
3) Fuck You!!
4) Do you use a dildo??
5) You suck

8 things about me
1) My real name is NOT Shayan
2) I am from Assam
3) I used to be a prick & a pain in the backside for most, if not all, when I was young.
4) I use Orkut mostly to check out hot Brazilian profiles!!
5) Have been a metalhead since the age of 13.
6) I download!music & its NOT stealing!!
7) I blast people having narrow minds regarding religion, sex, marriages, society, etc.(includes my parents too)
8) .....................

One way to win my heart

Through my pants

5 things that cross my mind a lot

Any music that I listen to before doing something
Nude women
Party materials
Mishti Doi/Rasgollah

One thing I wish I never did
Had sex with a fat woman

Three turn offs
1) Emo chicks
2) Bad body odour...some people even put on dollops of perfume to douse that but it has a not so pleasing smell.

4 things i want to do before I die
1) Watch the biggest, the bestest, the amazingest metal festivals on earth!
2) Do Bungee-Jumping
3) Fuck an European chick.
4) I actually want to know how the biggest scamsters who fraud banks, governments, etc. of HUGE amounts of money do their shit!

One confession
Read 1. 5 things you wish you could say to people 2. 8 things about me

This was my second tag actually, me could not complete the earlier one by Necropolis. The first attempt at tagging was a complete disaster. Hope this was not that bad.


Comfortably Numb said...

LOL...I agree that why do people have to do this tag stuff...I mean its a complete nonsensical act which is just there to sidekick boredom and just fill in blog space..


Shayan said...

@Comfortably Numb

that's why I havent even cared to pass it on!!:P

Sidhartha Dhar said...


I love this post. Man, I will give anything to say those 5 fucking things, you know.

Great post.


C R D said...

woah..uve told us a lot abt urself man

y do u have to be so arrogant abt ur sexcapades? [:P]

Sarah said...

Interesting :)

And thank you for commenting on my blog.

jinxykid said...

u r so ****in right man...

went thro all your posts in 1 hour...was gooooooooood...

unpretentious_diva said...

hmm nice compilation.

Rohan Nigam said...

lol... Some real cool stuff in this post ! Will visit here often !