When God humped Satan!!

Feb 25, 2008


So here's how it is!! A few days ago(or maybe weeks) in an editorial of a newspaper, an editorial came out praising the benevolence & awareness of the Indian youth. The writer went blindly praising the good deeds of our youth that after a few paragraphs, it became quite boring & frankly speaking killed my Sunday morning. "The Indian youth of today is courageous to take out a candle-lit procession in the streets of the Capital. He is good enough to force a CBI enquiry into the suicide of Rizwanur Rahman. Rahul Gandhi is an icon for the young generation as he himself is a young politician". But wait is Rahul not 40? And he is young?? For fuck's sake, give me a break. But what Mr. Educated Born In India, Bought Up Outside doesn't mention/notice or overlooks is the underlying mess that the Indian youth is in. Shocked?

Here are a few pointers:-

1) A group of females molested in Mumbai by, guess who....Young Indians.

2) North-Eastern girls in Delhi are eve-teased & harassed by young North Indians for not conforming to Indian traditions & dress-sense.

3) A rape-a-minute occurs in some rural & urban area of the country & the Indian youth partakes in it.

4) A million people graduate each year. 10% go out in search of greener pastures. 20% get absorbed into government jobs through bribes & passing staged interviews. 30% sit at home hoping to land a government job next year. 15% get jobs in private companies & curse their lives. 25% becomes tomorrow's drug addicts, peddlers, Abu Salems, suicide bombers, ULFA recruits.

5) We, the Indian youth can fight only on paper(read passive processions & rallies), not in action(read active participation in politics).

6) We will strip an Adivasi in the middle of a road of a state capital & shout "Thike hoise tahator logot"(Its good that it happened to you)!!

Oh & did you know that India is perhaps the youngest country in the world. 550 million are in the age group of 18 to 35 years. 55% of India falls under the young brigade. If the facts pointed before are any indication where the Indian youth is headed, then this youth certainly has
gone wild. India is screwed!!


Proneat said...

well....gud post..............

a majority of them indeed are...messed up. there still r plenty of gud ppl like u n me though :P

puneet said...

hmmm...nicely n rightly written...
;-) ;-(

Nothingman said...

eh...realised it too soon no?

Get a bottle of vodka and watch the fools burn this country to ashes.

Better learn Chinese, those people are gonna invade us, lil by lil, preferable from northeast ;)

Ah, lot more i could say but never mind, fuck it.



Vinodh said...

we,the youth can do only paperwork..n that includes u and me..
we are too afraid or too lazy to get into action!

Solitaire said...

WOW! Its quite honest and thought provoking. I am surprised you have not been bombarded yet by the so called "mera bharat mahan" chanting youngsters.

matty said...

well...what you said is somewhat right..
but not correct..
i agree that the youth are messes up..
but still..
i would like to put it as.."grown out of age"
times have changed..
and so has our priorities and responsibilites..

trust me..
the situation is not that bad..

nice post

sunny_raju said...

yup I agree with you
on a lighter note 40 is considered young in Indian politics :)

Trailblazer said...

dude, nice post....but you could do with a change in text colour i guess....keep writing

Crazy Diamond said...

oh yeah definitely a sad state .. everything depends on the upbringing and the education of a person, the environment he / she grows up in..

sadly the misled lot doesn't get the right direction on time and things get worse day after day. there's just no direction

Comfortably Numb said...

he he!
the post is written by someone in THE YOUTH Of INDIA too!

rOhit said...

"Sau mein se assi beimaan, phir bhi mera desh mahaan." ;)

I guess your 5th point says all.
Tell me what have YOU done as a youth? DooD, pointing fingers has always remained the best feat. This ain't something new. If only you could DO something. Thrashing politicians here would aid? ;)

Shayan said...


guess what?? the Mera Bharat Mahaan brigade strikes after!!

Thanx guys for the comments I would like to make a few points clear:-

@Comfortably Numb

I know the post is written by someone who is the YOUTH OF INDIA & for a change I aint!!


You asked me what I have DONE for my country...well, i can say that not much but if you can say that being part of a student's organisation which always keeps the govt on its toes IS HELPING the nation & I guess I have done that & still am doing so.

gauravbrills said...

....rightly described and jotted down the large portion of our youth still on the dark side of things...

manorath said...

omg! thr is quite a big % f youth doin wrong things.. so india s being screwd now?? lol

PSYCHO said...

young indians rock!!


Pranay said...

well i somewhat agree with you, but not entirely.. i personally think that you are being a bit too pessimistic.. such problems do exist but the situation is improving day by day.. so lets take things in a good light..
otherwize, full marks for expression..

Sharat Thakur said...

Its true that we are going in the wrong direction. But its upto us to bring about a change. We cannot just keep ranting about everything wrong going on in our country. We have to come up ourselves and be an idol for others to follow....

S Ramanathan said...

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Akshay kashid said...

hhhmm nice topic