When God humped Satan!!

Jan 4, 2008

Your God, Your Lie

The following lines go out to you know whom & you know why!!
Read on

This end is near,
A new world awaits him
No more tridents or swords for him
He has slaughtered wombs
Under the garb of religion.
That red still stains him
Reminding him of past sins
No matter how much he tries
This red will not be gone
This red is not the meeting of hearts,
This red is the new black.
Saffron was not meant
To turn blood red.
I was fooled by your preaching
You made, your own God
Your own religion
He is your God.
He is a lie.


Pranay said...

wow.. gr88 poem man.. really true.. they hv made their own religion, completely based on lies and hypocrisy

Setu said...

heh.. a seeker of truth i see in you.. one who is not deceived.. carry on.. a very nice post indeed..

The Lover said...

nice poem..

*~*Tinkerbell Forever*~* said...

Thought provoking!!
i loved the layout of your blog!

Shiva said...

nice poem man!
and for ur verbal diarrhoea!
use some ORS

Jshree said...

A nice one.. but since I believe in God I'm unable to relate to it much!

Léozoléo said...

it's ny way of thinking too...

commented because of the blogger orkut community!

C R D said...

lovely one!

i myself am not sure whether i believe in god.

even if there was god, i think HE made us, but WE made religion.

And religion it seems will KILL What 'God' created

keep writing
Chk Mine

Vinodh said...

i am surprised that there is a lot of common things in our blogs..

great writing..(that doesnt mean that mine is as good as yours).. non-sense!

KK said...

hmmm i agree with you there. fully