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Jan 12, 2008

Tag Dhina Dhin

So like I was going through some blogs & found this shit called Blogrolling. Sounds nice!! So now, I will have a list of blogs which altough I can't make sense of, I put up with. But I still cannot figure out if Blogroll = Tagging = Link Exchange.

But ...uhh nevermind. Here goes my pehla list
Necropolis, Gauri, Dipti, Praneeth, Nothingman, Soul Intoxicated, Wayfaerer.

Will it get me more readers? Will I get me more comments? Will it make me rich? Man, I am such a narcissistic cockmunch. Cheers you fuckers, will be putting in some more blogs later. Till then Fuck The World.

P.S. :- Go to the end of this blog NOW......yes right now........y'all see that big fat green ad?? Click on it right away!! Do it right now & help me earn some easy bucks just by doing nothing!


Me said...

Narcissism if scrutinised on the basis of reason and logic, and if reason are always put forth as proper faculty to decide with, then theres nothing wrong.
EveryHumanBeing ought to be selfish yet reasonable. Because if he gets unreasonable, he becomes criminal.

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Ask soul intox dude to clear ur confusion abt the tagging scenario or ask gauri...
It wil get u more comments only if u check out the blogs u hv mentnd regularly nd cmmnt if therez a new happns vice versa.u do mine.i do urs.nd tagging is diff dude.i taggd u means u gotta write 8 lesser knwn facts abt urself.aftr u r dun wid dat ..u may pass the tag to sum1 i had taggd u long tym back

KK said...

you dont really need blogrolling for that... since we're using the uber user friendly blogger, its pretty easy to just add a link list

anyway.... doing this doesnt directly increase your readership, UNLESS the other person adds you to their corresponding lists too... that way their readers might check yours out, and vice versa

if they dont add you it doesnt help.. i've got quite a few blogs on my list who havent given me corresponding links... they just get a meagre amount of traffic from my blog.

its more as a recommendation in my eyes, than as a traffic increaser..... but thats just me

KK said...

btw, i added you on my list too...

Shayan said...

Thanx man
Arrey man my whole blog is an open diary so..............

Nothingman said...

dude, you write good shit, people will come and read. getting them to comment is a completely different ballgame. my 2 paise, don't look for comments when you write, just write ;)


p.s--added ya too :)