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Jan 2, 2008

What New Year??

So like, it’s that time of the year when all of us dream of a better future, a better life, a bigger house & a fat purse. New resolutions, new!!



It’s really funny when people go like, "Dooood, what's your New Year wish?" I normally go like "Arrey maann, that's a secret". Frankly speaking, I do not have a new year wish as such(yeah, I know it sounds uncool) but that's just me. It's not like; I do not have any wish or regrets as such. C'mon, everyone has regrets. I have laawwts of 'em. But I have learnt to move on with life. And then, you get these pesky idiotic wishes of the politicians & self-styled celebs in newspapers pushing important news to the middle pages.

Headline = French President dating Italian model

Middle Page news = Aftermath of Bhutto's assassination.

Seriously, it’s degrading.

So, I came up with my own New Year wishes, not resolutions...mind you!!

* arrowI want me to get a new job, a stable one .

* arrowGraduate without any hiccups (which is usually not the case with me).idea

* arrowReduce my intake of smoke, dope & alcohol.

* arrowI want Himass to stop sneezing & wish not to see him in Karz remake dancing...for fuck's sake.

* arrowI do not want a naked parade on the streets this year again.

* arrowI wish to see India making it to the gold medal tally in this Olympics.

* arrowI wish not to see or see less of Britney's bald head, her genitals; Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton. Someone go tell 'em that they are rude bitches. Oh & not to forget people back home---Rakhi Sawant, Abh-Ash, Shilpa Shetty, Ekkkta KKKKKapoor.biggrin

* arrowI seriously hope India kicks some Aussie arse.mrgreen

* arrowHope Lamb Of God & In Flames tour India.

* arrowI just wish mainstream & rest of India stops viewing the North-East as some unholy land inhabited by half-naked & half-baked brained individuals with small eyes, stubbed nose & a predilection for violence.

Have a fucking amazing new year…..Will you drink to that??**Hic**confused



Gauri Gharpure said...

:) New YEar!!!

zahid said...

I have no resolution stoo dude!!! your partner here !!!!

Have a great year ahead !!!

Sach said...

feels awesum 2 find sm1 like resolutions!!!!!

Happy New Year 2 u 2!

Jshree said...

Happy new year! :)
Keep wishing! ;)..

*Dip* said...

happy new year and you know what.. i think himass is getting new hair and new body this year

Nothingman said...

I too wish more bands tour india...In flames kick ass big time.
I hope i get to go to GIR this year.

and ditto on north east point, hope the AFSPA gets repealed...



Pranay said...

so true...
you have an interesting style of writing... quite accessorized!!! got it?? keep it up...

Me said...

Nice write up, but the blog is too much loaded with useless stuff!

sourav said...

want Himass to stop sneezing & wish not to see him in Karz remake dancing...for fuck's sake.

i wish this happens too

my comment isnt u have seen tht so many people like yr blog.its yr style of writing....i must say this i love yr humour!
keep it up man and yes i would like to read some serious thing on yr blog...i mean bit diffrent frm wht yr blog already has!

Vinay Nihalani said...

hahaha Happy New year dude.
Very entertaining article

Arwindh said...

well..good luck with your resolutions dude..

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Plz remove "!--if !supportLists-- ... !--endif--" - just can't read!

Also, a better choice of colours couldn't hurt.

So even u are a student who works part-time eh? And I guess you mean mainland* and Abhi-Ash*.

Anyway, interesting wishlist - although personally InFlames I don't mind, but can's say the same about Lamb of God, no matter how technically brilliant the instrumentalists are.

The Jester said...

nice one man... interesting read. happy new year and all that!
wrote one on the new year, last year, check it out...

Adijo said...

True, true...Waiting for Maiden!!!

Then theres Megadeth, sepultura comin too!!

not to forget Aerosmith!