When God humped Satan!!

Jan 25, 2008

Encounter with the communist n00b

It has become quite common for me to encounter weird personas on Orkut(that is where I roam after all). There are Himass fags, there are people comparing Linkin Pork's record sales to Megadeth's musical abilities & there is the third kind. Let's name that kind the communist nOOb. Why? You ask! Read on the following carefully & get an idea how true the old saying "Little knowledge is worse than no knowledge" stands its ground even to this date. Actually a guy came to my scrapbook a week or so ago thinking me to be a girl(thanks to my display pic) & we started a conversation......I wont make any observations on the stuff he said or I answered....I will let you people have a say & draw a conclusion.

Apodartho Shayan = Me(A.S.)
Saleem = Communist n00b(C.N.)

C.N. - Hi
A.S. - Yo
C.N. - Yaar wer ufrm?
A.S. - m from Guwahati
& u??
C.N. - frm kerala....Guwahati s n orrisa?
A.S. - its in Assam for god's sake
C.N. - oh sorry dear...after all im only a human bin, not a livin encyclopdia.....
anyway how s assam dear?
A.S. - we r doin good actually
how about kerala??

u know what i hv been to Kerala once & gotta say Kovalam beach is fantastic.
C.N. - nxt 2 heaven
A.S. - lol....ya i know

u been to the north east ever??
C.N. - yaar who ruled assam now?
A.S. - Congress under Tarun Gogoi
C.N. - s dir govt....s t strng ?{how! dey r only intrstd n
playing groupism...} crrct ?

A.S. - dude every1 plays the same game...

who's perfect??
C.N. - yaar i thin u r wrong....say dem 2 come & learn frm u hav any idea
abt communism?

A.S. - yes i do.....& talk about communism...no1 can forget
i wont go into communism v/s socialism v/s liberalism v/s capitalism crap now!!
C.N. - wot dd u know about nandi isuue?
communism s immortal b cze its a scientific truth.....
bfre blme it u shld learn.......
A.S. - wateva man.....i dont care ... i dont give a shitty 2 cent about communism & all
....i know about Nandi issue b'cos nandi issue took place near my home state in
W.B. ..... so ya i know more of it than u do!!

C.N. - wat things r u know dear about nandi ?[uses a smiley]
A.S. - I m talkin 'bout Nandigram, u ignorant mofo!
C.N. - im also
A.S. - Dude u r talkin about CPM, have u ever even heard of Marxism or "Das

C.N. - das kapital? bhai i never heard a thing with such a name ......i thin its de name
of a food, im i?[uses another smiley]

A.S. - strange...u took 5 days to come up with that..

and that has been it.....a fantastic week of irony & knowing a bit about what communism really is from the greatest communist ever to have walked this earth......haven't heard from him for 3 days. I am waiting for some more precious gems out of that fag.

P.S. :- Do not take it as an insult to communists but you know something's NOT right when people like Saleem claim to know everything from India's geography to political make-up of the country & also comunism history.


Me said...

He got wrong person to talk about.
Furthermore. He even didn't knew that socialism and comunism are different names of same shit.
Anyways, Guwahati was sufferring from some rash struggles about reervation for adivasis...isn't it?

Shayan said...

"Guwahati was sufferring from some rash struggles about reervation for adivasis...isn't it?"

Yes that's true but that is totally a different issue ...... I bet that dude would not have even known of that too....BTW...there's a post of mine about the adivasi issue in the blog too.....just search for "adivasi" & u can read about it ...

Thanx for dropping by!!

C R D said...

there are so many people around us that we come across who have little or ABSO_BLOODY_LUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE about what they claim to follow. They go on talking about it and advocating it as if its their own creation. gives them a high mebbe. and gives us bloggers an amusing topic to write abt too [:p]

nice post. so wen are u planning to burst his bubble abt yer gender ?[:p]

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Yea well i do knw abt this encounter of urs.
Well lets say ....laugh em off....
Cnt really help it nw can v?
I saw in this certain community a thread..."fossils vs metallica"...
Fossils is a bengali band.
My friend kept confusing manipur with manipal...
Btw plz check out my blog ...

KK said...

hahaha... ive met LOTS of weird people on orkut, but this takes the cake

how can you have strong beliefs without any knowledge to support it?

btw dont you get irritated like crap by people who talk like that online?

Love stoned.. said...

i don't know how it becomes 'cool' when someone claims to know about something and has the balls to actually start arguing about it. i think this Saleem person thought you were a girl (cuz of your display pic) and he is one of those jerks who assumes 'woman' a synonym of 'duhh!', one of the jerks who talk about socialism communism and bullshit to sound knowledgeable. it's not even amusing.. it's very irritating!

ps: changed my url from to , letting you know cuz' i'm in your blogroll

catch ya later

Shayan said...


i told him off this morning & yet to receive a reply....btw that fool has now blocked me!!


i have a few albums of dad digs this band although he is NOT into such!!!


I dont get irritated real quick these days... u cant expect evry individual 2 have the same knowledge level but that dude was a complete fag, man!!

@love stoned

done...thanx for checkin it out!!!

unpretentious_diva said...

communism and socialism both are crap!

setu said...

heh.. what can i say.. i guess we all have had our share of such.. amusing yet disappointing encounters.. good post..

Net Esportes said...

In the globalized world of today is complicated living in communism or socialism

Proneat said...

luckily unlucky fella , he's bcum a point 2 so many ppl!
yeah..another gud example 2 show up ...hw messed up ppl can b. and hw common..its bcum, dat we cme across such ppl so regularly.
gud post. Bravo

Hakuna Matata said...

Abominable Human bin!
.....and I've just grown to hate that word...'dear'!!

S Ramanathan said...

uh! there are jus too many ppl like tat online! and guess wat? sometimes even we act foolish....of course, not this bad...;) .. lol..

nice post :)

Nothingman said...

...and i thought orkut was good only for porn ;)


Shimmer said...

heehee... thank goid orkut's banned in ma place.. wud love to hear more of wat this noOb has to say :D i had a good laugh ryt in the morning... :)

nice blog u have here btw...

cheers! :D

sunny_raju said...

Nice blog,as elders say empty vessels make more nice isnt it.

matty said...

Hey pretty good blog u got there..
i came here few times but never read it due to pure laziness..

but i am glad i did read it atleast today..

And abt ur post..
GOD!! He was such an asshole..
Guwahati in orrisa,..
It really pisses me off when people d that kinda mistakes..
I spent my childhood in bhuvaneswar and back here in Hyderabad few people asked me.."Bhuvaneswar where is it?"
i wanted to kill them straight away and scream "Asshole it is a capital of a state!!"

nice post btw..
will check out ur older posts also..

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Vinodh said...

there are so many ppl all around us...they think they are too great that they ll refuse to accept that they dont kno about 'whatever be the issue'...they pretend to kno everything..ur conversation was a classic example of shows the exact mentality of such ppl..
to me...ur post pointed out jus that...and i wasn't surprised by the ignorance!

MishtiZaa said...

human "bin" after all.....he he he...*lolz*
the most hilarious post i ve evr came across....
it has become like a fashion statement to commment anything n anything 'bout politics....w/o actually knowing anything...duhh...

JudeTheObscure said...

Good one!

JudeTheObscure said...

Thought i'd better add something to the comment-Just to let you know, i actually read the whole conversation! It was funny. Like they say- if ignorance is bliss, he must be orgasmic.



Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

rofl... nice post
its happnd to me too.. sum1 asked me if bangalore ws in himachal!! bangalore!!!! not sum timbuktu or sumthng!!!
i fr one don't like communists even if dey r masters in world geography!!

BTW socilaism and communism are not the same thngs. thrz a slight diff of ideology. socialism is a lil more practical than communism.

stay confounded ;)

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Def leppard is cuming to bangalore nd mumbai.march 14th i thnk.
Heard Dream theatre isalso cuming.
Evn il b missn the deth nd head cncrt.
Nd yea maidn crowd was 35k.not 45k.thats official dna news i thnk.

Rashi V said...

Why do some people believe that they answers to everyone's prayers? They just assume that they know everything about everything...And what pisses me off the most is that they say things with such conviction that most people that dont know nothing about a situation will actually believe them.Thankfully he met his match in you :)

viraj said...

lolz...ya, u do come across people like tht on orkut