When God humped Satan!!

Dec 21, 2007

Scorpions India Humanity Tour Shillong gig experience the Scorpions came, saw & stung us in a week. Damn, I had to miss a show for which I had saved money for so long...Fuck, it hurts...anyways, a lot of my friends went to the show. At last I got hold of one of 'em called Tuhin who took the pain of writing this as he says Ramayana of a review of the take it over Tuhin.


I cant rememebr well. Maybe it was raining that evening and i had a glass of water in my hand. I dragged myself from the living room to my bedroom.Life was lazy. Feeling bored, i opened my drawer and checked what i had to listen.I had a cassette; it read "S C O R P I O N S". I plugged in my cassette player and loaded the album i was going to hear for the first time. The cassette started with a soothing distorted ballad tune, it was "BELIEVE IN LOVE". Back then i was a 10 year old one it was the blistering winter of 1995 and this album introduced me to what is in true sense called ROCK MUSIC.

For the next 10 years i devoted myself to find more about the band. I collected nearly all of their songs. I listened, hummed,sang,played their songs; i professed this band to anyone who came to me. I only hoped to see them LIVE one day, or the other..............
Blessing came to me in disguise. A fellow, ahem.. my RIGHT HAND MAN attended the MR BiG concert and the following day of his return, he came to me and informed me that there was a news that SCORPIONS might land in SHILLONG somewhere in DECEMBER!!!!!

i waited no longer. I ran to my PC and indulged myself in some heavy GOOGLiNG(man i love INTERNET) and sooon and

sooonnn...... YES!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! its true, SCORPIONS are really coming to SHILLONG.. Woo Hoo Hoo!!!!!

Those painful days from NOVEMBER to DECEMBER... Man!!! time seemed to slip back, DECEMBER seemed to be moving away from me.

After a LooOooUuuuUNg wait, finally its DECEMBER!!!!

I didnt waste a minute and i got the TICKETS as soon as they came over the different outlets. No compromise over SCORPIONS right???, JEANS??? FUCK jeans, i want the DIAMOND TICKET;i burnt all my cash to get that(but i'm still a happy man). I came back home, and lol.. took a few snaps of the ticket and then put the ticket inside an envelope and locked it up safely inside my draw00er.

DAY.. NOON.. EVENING... Night... It continued throughout the first week. Time seemed to be ticking fast. 12th DEc didnt seem far.

__________11th DECEMBER(night)__________
After a hectic day, i laid myself on the bed think what was I to see the next day. I was killed by curiosity. WHAT might happen????

Will i get a drum stick?? or ill snap a pic with KLAUSE??? or maybe RUDOLF will throw the FLYING V at me...???

__________12th DECEMBER______________
Finally the DAY!!!!!! i woke up at 4am, prepared myself at around 6, got on a SUMO i took off to SHILLONG. Packed with some other SCORPIONS buffs, this journey would be hard to forget. Throughout the journey we listened to the CLASSICS, EPICS of SCORPIONS.

At last we reached what is called the ROCK CAPITAL OF INDIA. I was getting late. It was almost 10 am and gates opens at 12. DAMN!!!! i quickly placed my bag, had lunch and rushed to the VENUE. After a long wait, finally i entered the stadium.


The stage, the lights, the AMPs, the sophisticated mixers, the stacked FLYING V's and the EXPLORERS, the COVERED DRUMS... aaahh!!!
felt like heaven!

12pm.... 1pm... 2:13pm 2:47pm..... 3PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The long wait has finally ended. The announcements were made and the first opening act was of a local HARD ROCK band called

AKHIYA. WOW!! they belted out some really fantastic OCs. They proved that MUSIC indeed has no LANGUAGE,RELIGION. Everyone swayed to their songs.
A fantastic band. THennn came the highly acclaimed band "THE GREAT SOCIETY". They got the people into the mood! LOU MAJAW is a legend!! Despite his aging knees, he was frolicking around the stage like a teen in his half pants of course.Then they were done.

WHO's up next????


________SCORPIONS LIVE______________

After the set of GREAT SOCIETY, i sat down on the field. I knew its gonna take time, and what we would see after the wait would be simply HEAVENLY!!!

Suddenly...i heard a loud scream from the 40000 maddened fans i quickly got up and saw that --"HUH!! no one's on stage.. why did these people scream so loud???" After that i realised that a guitar technician walked across the stage with the "SIGNATURE BLACK/WHITE V" of RUDOLF SCHENKER. I could feel the intensity. After that a thundering crash came out from the might AMPS and throw the smoke on the stage came out the "S C O R P I O N S",, blazing through their song "Hour 1" from the new album. The crowd was going mad!! simply mad!!!
we all were going mad!! phew.... but hell yea!!!!! As the show proceeded they belted out some of their immortal classics-- ZOO,STILL LOVING YOU, ALWAYS SOMEWHERE, SEND ME AN ANGEL besides their new songs-- HUMANITY,321 etc..There was not a single one who didnt sing to their songs. IMAGINE 40000 fans chorusing.

Then after a while the rest of the band members went for a short break. To fill the stage at that time PAWEL and KOTTAK entertained us with their solos. Their energy was superb!!!!

From a random bass solo to "VOODOO CHILE"'s and "ENTER SANDMAN"'s tune to playing the bass with drum stick, everything was there.It was simply superb. KOTTAK got onto the drums, drank a can of BEER, threw the empty can at the toms and blasted his way throught "BLACKOUT". Now....!! it was time for the peace anthem "WINDS OF CHANGE". We could see the hands of the people swaying to the song. Everyone raised their lighters, candles, matches, cell up in the air. The song ended. It was then when KLAUSE screamed out----"WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET YOU GO SHILLONG UNLESS WE ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE"

Sorry... i cant describe the situation. It was something beyond imagination for a HARDCORE SCORPIONS fan like me. The situation was AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!


After that the GREATEST SHOW to be ever held in NE came to an end.... but!! we were not letting them go that easily. Due to immense public demand they performed another number.

I was feeling GREAAATT!!! also a bit disappointed. WHY??? WHY??? Why did it had to end?? Why could it last for long?????

Neways.. the SCORPIONS left the stage and the techie guys took over the stage opening up cables, packing things.

Coming out from the stadium i got into a gruop of people of about 300 and as we were slowly roaming through the literally empty streets of SHILLONG city, we sang the SCORPIONS numbers again. The group slowly split and it was time for me to leave the AMAZING PEOPLE.

I shall always remember this, i saw the SCORPIONS, i felt them, the hospitability of the people there, their spirit and their love for true MUSIC.

I somehow dragged myself to my bed, i fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Dreamless because, the greatest dream in my life,,,... had finally come TRUE!!!!!!!

oh one thing i forgot

Hour 1
The Zoo
Love em or Leave em
Coast to Coast
Send Me An Angel
Deep & Dark
Make It Real
I’m Leaving You
Tease Me Please ME
Bad Boys Running Wild
Big City Nights
Still Loving You
Kottack Attack(BASS/ DRUM solo)
No One Like You
Always Somewhere
Winds of Change
Rock You Like A Hurricane
When The Smoke Is Coming Down

the setlist !!!! not in correct order though.

here's an interview I found on the internet conducted by Cnn...Check it Out
P.S.:- Heard that Shillong scored more than Mumbai & B'lore in terms of crowd that wrests the debate on which is India's premier rock city...hehe!!!


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