When God humped Satan!!

Dec 6, 2007

Chaos everywhere

The past couple of weeks were do I put it......ass-raping for me!! No, no, not 'coz of the exams but the nude show that went on the streets. Never in my whatever short life I have lived did I imagine that I would bear witness to such blatant violation of a woman's modesty. Oh & some guys found it really cool to take her pics & circulate it.(LAME)! Thank God, the police got those 3 they are behind bars....but questions remain & they are not easy to answer. Let me see!!!

1) Why weren't there enough policemen to check the rampage by the Adivasis?
2) Why did they only act when the rallyists went periliously close to the Secretariat gates?
3) Even after that, Where were they when locals beat the living daylights out of innocent rallyists including children & women?(the real culprits who started it ran away after doing the damage)
4) Where are the results of the innumerable probes & inquiries & commissions et all?
5) Will granting them quota solve the matter?
6) Has it affected the image of the city & region?
7) Will peace return?


I will try my very best. If you have better put in a comment.

1) There were supposed to be only 300-400 people attending a meeting in some school ground in the city. But they came in thousands & the police was underprepared for that.

O.K. point taken

2) They love their jobs.
3) Again, they were underprepared.

Point NOT taken...i mean, even after 1 hour has passed, you mean to say there was not any backup? Strange thing. But nevermind....let's move on.

4) TIME baby time!! After all, this is the land of Lahe Lahe !! & we fit in so perfectly here!!
5) NO & I mean a BIG NOOOOO!! If it's done, don't you think other tribes & aboriginals & minorities, etc. would want it too?? Why not provide them quota in schools & institutions??? Let them get the best of education & then let them compete with the best for jobs.
6) Was it any better before?? Everytime & I mean everyfuckintime I say, "Hey me from NE"....i get strange stares & people go like "yaar tu chinki nahin lagta?"(In fact, I have some ridiculously howlarious stuff on that comin up later)
7) Aahh yess!! We are strong. We shall be back. At least I hope so.



Ankit Gupta said...

a nice style of presenting valid points

zahid said...

ass-raping lolz !!!!

And nice of you to answer them yourselves...

I follow an amen !!

Brand H said...

hmmm..guess u were completely fired up while writin tis..
hundreds of such incidents r happenin everyday..
its jus tat v don find time to evaluate the consequences of these incidents..
nice to c sumone takin pains to revive de rottenin society..
gud goin..

matty said...

humm...u were very true .....
d answers were also gud!!!
i would agree to all ur answers!!

Prabha Mohan said...

The police force is more impotent than inept. But that such a barbaric act took place on a main street with people watching is very shameful indeed. It doesnt say much about our people.

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Word verificatn sux...
Which college are u in.....

Shayan said...

@tentacles...didnt get ya man???

m in Ghy Commrc Coll....btw


The Ancient Mariner said...


that's a nice post! Introducing oneself from NE does mean you will get strange look. Some ppl might even find you a bit terrorist lookalike! some people will definitely think you are an illegal immigrant from Burma! and some people will simply think you are a quota hunter adivasi! This country, as you say it,is "Fucking Crazy" indeed!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Dude word verificatn...the crap word u gotta confirm evrytime u post a commnt..turn it off

Shayan said...

@tentacles ...done mate

In fact now if u want u can also post as anonynous...lolz!!!

rOhit said...

lolzz.. nice posts dude.
Well said, liked ur content :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

sensible post..

wht happened ws very very horrifying and sad.. i feel each one of us owes an apology to the tribals who marched there in hope of a fair talk, and for a democratic representation of wht they wanted..

also agree to the t tht it makes sense providing grt education at the primary and higher sec level than quota, bing- apply for quota and go into medicine schools no matter how bad u were at the basics.. tht doesnt work and we r only risking the future work-force by implementing such quota systems left, right and centre..

Gauri Gharpure said...

* makes NO sense...

* and aplogies for somehow democracy and the system as a whole failed when tht incident ws allowed to happen and we are a part of tht system, no matter how minuscule tht part may be...

Neo said...

might change ur template..
too glaring


pearlie s said...

well hey thre....guy frm north east...ur blog is very intrstng...the most intrstng among all tht i hav read till nw (since the past 2 days have read quite a lot....!!) n well i hav sme intrsntg ways of dealing wid the i guess it wont b possible to do it till thn i cn only wish for it...n whre exactly r u frm??