When God humped Satan!!

Dec 15, 2007

Blogs From The La La Land

What's with everyone man? I mean, C'mon give me a break. Every blogger, every damn blogger wants to be a poet. Somebody's soul's intoxicated, someone's death motivated, someone's into disclosures & stuff AND then you have people like me[Thunderous Applause]!! The last category of bloggers are the most worthless, penniles, good for nothing(a.k.a. Apodartho) & at times brilliant creed of bloggers.

You know why I waxed eloquent on the last category. Yes, you've got it coz' that includes ME!! So dear bloggers, cease penning down poems w.e.f. now on. INSTEAD, everyone should be like me!! 24/7 ranting - 12/7 throwing tantrums & 12/7 being of no real good use.

P.S.:- My HEARTBURN(that's the most senti title I could come up with)

This fretful world I live in
This weary swirl of words, I hear it
If I should, hurl away the whole?
The dead-end of my heart, a deep black hole
This empty breath, of love denied
These thoughtless wars in mind
All love hateful, to the eye
There is just too much pressure to cope
Look, here I break the thread of hope

Happy Bitching


The Lover said...

lmao! thnx for the mention! nice post!! everybody has their issues...gotta live with that...

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Kk....wud hv been damn gud to hv u as a ur humour....well ok ill stop writing poems ....wil focus on gay rights and how evrybdy luvs facebook..hehe..altho i feel u hvnt checkd my post on airtel....the other post is not by me.....and yea check my orkut album.....i was in the 3rd row....scorpions was amazingly amazing.....crowd>12k......

The Tentacles of Thought said...

And yea we hav mumbai chicks *drools*....they r just so cock arising.

Shayan said...


Ok I wl check that thing....& just wait a week or so...i wl update the blog with the Scorpions review in Shillong(one of my frns went there)!!!

But only 12000!!!!Shockin actually coz Shillong had it housefull....15000 did not make it inside actually..hehe

The tickets sold were in the 40K range(thats what the organisers say).

The Tentacles of Thought said... mumbai all first years and second years have their exams goin on...thats why they were unabl to make it!!!!
i also have exams but now, u, c, i am a born scholar...LMAO.....
p.s-shillong will anyday beat mumbai to this...that place reeks of metal....infact over here we had many ppl from the north east coming over...

PSYCHO said...

i r thy nemesis nooblet


way to go amigo! pwn those noob bitches!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

I pray u dont pawn those nonb bitches....fuck man wantd to b a bit more liberal in my blog write wtv crap i wantd to...widout fearn loss of readrs....cant evn use slang fuck nd there goes up the whole world....a tamed metalhead....balls....neway balls to u....dunno why i said that....ok ...fyn ...balls to me....yea im lucky...

Proneat said...

hahahahaa dt was funny. kinda funny'licious