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Nov 18, 2007

Facebook = Nonsense Unlimited

Facebook!!!aahh, another futile attempt at social networking!!!! Take it from me man. I still rue that day...err night my GF asked me to get an a/c on this good for nothing site to, well..."Stay In Touch"[WTF is that supposed to mean???]

Lemme start now. To begin with, it is so graphically loaded(read fucked up) that it takes aeons to start. And when it does, you are inundated with 12,575 notifications to do this, join that, fuck him, bite her, blah blah. Oh, I forgot . The profile page is so garishly designed that you take half a day to figure out the head from the tail.

Ummm ...... remember the notifications I told above. The more you accept these silly apps, the longer your profile page extends - a finger aching exercise to put it mildly.....(its as irritating as Siddhu's retarded jokes).......So the more you try to be friendlier, the more you are fucked!!!! Speaking of the lame behaviour of the jokers at Facebook(FB), they have also incorporated this "handy" tool of reminding you of any message that a friend of yours sends to another person on Facebook. Wonder if FB's filled with wannabe Peeping!!!

Oh & fuck, you can also link the profile of the person you are engaged to in real life in your own profile page. Now, why would a sane person of my age do that huh? WHY??? You never know when you might end up with different bed partners!!!!

So, after 2 months of actually using it(Believe it or not I used it!!! but that was just for my voyeuristic pleasures.....More on that later), I have given up on it altogether. My profile still exists but that's 'coz you can't wholly unsubscribe from FB!!(WTFAAAAKKKK???)

Before leaving you to get back to your own gay world lemme just add that me & the girl who brought me to this "use your fav expletive" piece of crap, have broken up. Sooooo, if you are a smokin hot gal(read Liv Tyler or Gisele Bundchen) & you have HEARD me, just add me on Orkut!!!! Yessssss, Orkut bole toh RAAWWKKSS!!!


funnybunny said...

true, facebook is really sad with so much crap. I loved your blog, nice usage of humor interwoven inside a story. Keep 'em coming.

C R D said...


yea orkt rocks, even thought the concept is as crappy as facebook's

Blogaholic said...

frgt everything
come to the rel stuff
come to ORKUT

Arwindh said...

cool one dude..
u saved me from signing up FB!!

Ron Lemon said...

nice post :) I was planning to checkout what FB was all about .. I've been getting too many invitations.. Thanks for giving me a preview.... :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

Wow! Someone finally who agrees with me.. I find facebook too too too cluttered, with all those things they keep thrusting on users.. the mini-feed gets piling up and deleting it is so damn time-consuming.. wht's more, it's childish (vampire slayers, and were-wolfs and zombies??? give me a break!!!)

loved the post..visit my blog sometime and tell u how u like the articles and poems..

The Ancient Mariner said...

orkut rocks dude, so does ur blog...nice posts.

Nothingman said...

face books sucks more than a russian hooker in ludhiana.

nuff said.


Sid said...

ther r many such social sites man, bt only orkut and myspace r famous....well uv done a gd job of gatherin info bout dis, kewl.

sourav said...

i hate facebook......the fact is tht i dont know how to use

but u have described it very yr humour roxxs....keep it up!

orkut is far better than facebook

Novice Writer said...

Yea I agree with you! Orkut is easier to use and much better than facebook. Good post!

Anubha said...

Heehehhehe Funniiii :D
Orkut rocks anytime man !!
Facebook is wayyy too complicated... I tried using it for a few months..Its like--
U're at home wid a nice hot cup of coffee .. wen u get a call saying "Abbe maine tereko icecream bhejaa tha tune accept nahi kiyaaa !!!" .. Icecreams, cakes and what not..!!! Its a social networking website , not a bakery business for Gods sake !!
Anyways, nice post.. ;-)

Gaurav Tārkar said...

i like orkut for its organised communities and the posts in it. no shit tags for photos there, in the comms i mean. so its neat.

but i like fb for some of its apps. not all but only a select few. the rest u can *ignore* from the settings, u know.

i havent joined a single page or group on fb. :(