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Oct 27, 2007

Guiness Record - Feat or Fart???

Okay, dont just hate me for wat m gonna write abt......a thought jst crossd my mind abt Shillong bagging d record 4 assembling &

organising the largest guitar ensemble in the world.....No doubt abt it being a great achievement for Shillong & the Northeast as a

whole but dont u think der's been somewhat unnecessary hullabaloo abt the same....For those of who dont know wat i m talkin abt

just google it up(i m 2 tired 2 provide links!!)

Returning 2 wat I ws sayin....1730 guitarists strummed their guitars to glory(Knocking on Heaven's Door) on 25th Oct 2007 in J.N.

Stadium in Shillong....Ppl hav gone crazy abt dis achievement. But the thing that concerns me is that the organisers mananged to

assemble 1730 guitarists while the earlier record ws 1721(Kansas City, US, June 3, 2007). As far as I know, ders a higher bar set by d

guys at Guiness abt breakin former records & as much as my limited knowledge goes the bar ws suposd 2 b 1731 guitarists which

means Shillong falls behind by a solitary guitarist. But at d same time....its not a flash in the pan & doesnt at all take away from

Shillong this achievement & its tag as a music nerve-centre of NE India as Shillong also holds d record for d largest drum ensemble

in the world!!!! Lemme just add another word of caution(yes I m a bit pessimistic,lol!)....d final seal of confirmation would be given

Guiness guys in London afta dey hav watched a vid recordin of d same in November!!!! And the most important concern that I

have is dat Shillong's joy could be shortlived as musicians in London r gonna attempt d same on Nov.2 this year!!! Didnt they say

"Records are meant to be broken"??


Alice_in_Wonderland said...

wow!! thats great..
i studied in guwahati and got to hear some really good rock bands from shillong.those guys r really talented n this is a good way to get recognition!

Ishanjyoti said...

ya felt nice 2 hear tat!!...hpe dey shld always cheer us up n neva let down their marvelous job!!...n i can say dey r gona build a new culture..der got a gud no. of talented ppl who can reach da sky(for those who r not buried 6 feet under)....Hail!!